Jul. 31, 2015

Just like Jesus was in the desert being tempted by the devil and He quoted the CORRECT VERSES OF SCRIPTURE in the face of the tempter to overcome giving in to the temptation, it's time for you or someone you love to learn how to apply the appropriate verses of scripture to rise above the temptations that accompany crack cocaine and alcohol addiction and the sexual immoral, pathetic lifestyle associated! Notice in Lk.4:1-13 that each time the devil threw a particular temptation at Jesus that Christ responded, "it is wrtten..." then followed by appropriate verse!

Your life or the life of someone you care about is about to be restored because the pages of this Holy Spirit inspired book was written using the blood of Jesus as its ink! As the Bible says, "Just think how much more THE BLOOD of Christ purify our consciences from sinful deeds so that we can worship the living God" (Heb.9:14).


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Know The Name Of The Spirit You're Wrestling With

 Every sin, rebellious act towards the Gospel that a person commits is caused by “an evil spirit that influences and  provokes the person” according to 1Chr.20:21:1; Eph.2:2-3; Jn.13:27. AND THAT SPIRIT HAS A NAME! And in order to break free, to have the best chance at deliverance you have to “Rebuke The Spirit That's Influencing and Provoking You” by its individual name!” To confirm that notice carefully in Mk.5:2, 9 and Lk.8:27, 30 “that when Jesus was about to rebuke an evil spirit out of a man that he first “ask the evil spirit which had possessed the man what was its name? And then he rebuke the spirit! My point is that you must follow Christ’s example if you wish to truly be free of the rebellious spirits that cause you to cuss, steal, to commit fornication, adultery, homosexuality, crave for drugs and alcohol...”for they are spirits of devils... and the spirit of whoredoms hath caused them to err” (Rev.16:14; Hos.4:12;5:4).


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